Inauguración Espacio Atella

730/5000 Hello everyone, 10SEP2020 · 18:30 to 21:00 I invite you to the Atella Space Inauguration.   PROGRAM: Presentation of the Space Cruces de las Morenas 18:30 to 19:30 Talk by Concha Romeu: The textile in art, architecture and current design. 19:30 Presentation of Workshops: 1. Concha Romeu. 2. Guille Ferreira. 3. Isabel Carrasco. 4. […]

36/5000 Inspiration from our Collection 01.

The inspiration for Collection 01. “The elegance of irregularity”, arises from the Nordic-Japanese interior spaces and their architecture.     If you look at contemporary Japanese architecture, it is a simple and understated style. Like the Nordic style, natural materials and textures are used, such as bamboo and wood. Materials that let in light and […]

The oceans of the future

The production and consumption of plastic is increasing in the world at a dizzying rate and the consequences are increasingly visible on our planet. The figures are alarming because the sea receives between 5 and 13 tons of plastic per year. These reach the sea through various routes; water drainage systems in urban areas, water […]