The Revolution at CRUCA

That is why every year we have to remember this accident and so many others that continue to happen. Because there are still people who do not even live with the salaries they have. When you buy a garment, do you read on the label where it was produced? It is very important to know […]

Hinamatsuri, the girls’ festival in Japan

Today, March 3, in Japan, Hinamatsuri, the Girls’ Festival, is celebrated. On this day in Japan, daughters are wished health and good luck. They are also given dolls that are often family heirlooms. And you will tell me, what is this about in a fashion blog? Well, it comes because I have a young daughter […]

Inauguración Espacio Atella

Hello everyone, 10SEP2020 · 18:30 to 21:00 I invite you to the Atella Space Inauguration. [wp-svg-icons icon=”file” wrap=”i”]  PROGRAM: Presentation of the Space Cruces de las Morenas 18:30 to 19:30 Talk by Concha Romeu: The textile in art, architecture and current design. 19:30 Presentation of Workshops: 1. Concha Romeu. 2. Guille Ferreira. 3. Isabel Carrasco. […]

Inspiration from our Collection 01.

The inspiration for Collection 01. “The elegance of irregularity”, arises from the Nordic-Japanese interior spaces and their architecture. If you look at contemporary Japanese architecture, it is a simple and understated style. Like the Nordic style, natural materials and textures are used, such as bamboo and wood. Materials that let in light and white walls […]

The oceans of the future

The production and consumption of plastic is increasing in the world at a dizzying rate and the consequences are increasingly visible on our planet. The figures are alarming because the sea receives between 5 and 13 tons of plastic per year. These reach the sea through various routes; water drainage systems in urban areas, water […]