How to wash clothes

You always ask us, How do I have to wash these clothes? In addition to indicating it on our labels, we always tell you, the garments should be washed in cold water, at 30 degrees or less, and you do not need to use a lot of soap, just put just enough. If your garment gets stained, do not delay in washing it, because this way the stain will not embed itself in the fabrics and will come out more easily. If you have natural soap, such as those made with oil, before putting the garment in the washing machine, put a little of this soap on the stain and scrub, when it comes out of the washing machine, it will come out perfect.

Another tip that I always give is that when it comes to hanging, the garment has to be as stretched as possible, so you will avoid wrinkling and when you pick it up, don’t leave it lying down, fold it so you don’t have to iron. Because wrinkles are also beautiful for garments, but in this case we avoid wasting energy.

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How to wash clothes

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