Collection CAPSULE 03. My Travels


In this Capsule Collection I wanted to reflect two things that I really like, which are coats and travel.

A coat says a lot about a person and is something that you always buy as special.

One of my favorite trips was to Peru where I bought a few meters of wool fabric thinking of making some special coats and I brought them in my suitcase.

Now more than ever I want to travel but since I can’t, I have come up with these coats with city names, remembering my travels.

Are you coming on this trip?

Cruces de las Morenas

Crosses of the Morenas in Peru. Photography: @lucero_oliv


This Collection is limited. Made in our workshop-showroom in Madrid. The fabrics used have been natural such as wool and cotton.

Come visit us at our Showroom Espacio Atella

Thanks to:
Photography: Claudia Tamara @ c_tam01
Model: Ramina Paiman @rami_pk
Makeup and hairdressing: Ericka Borja @erickaborjamakeup