Collection 4.1. Cowgirls

Collection 4.1

This Capsule Collection 4.1 is a daughter of 04 because the collections are alive and for this reason, we have captured some of their patterns and we have given them life with other fabrics, we have also created new garments.

Fabrics used

In this limited collection, we have used as the main fabric, the Infinit Denim jeans that is produced in Spain and is also a combination of recycled materials and organic fibers.
For our shirts we have used leftover fabric from stores, even the fabric that our designer’s mother had kept, which belonged to her grandmother.
We have also rescued wool from a famous Madrid tailor, who when he died, we bought his wonderful daughter, a few meters, but some unique jackets come out.

Photographer: @adriana.marti_
Model: @ines.2906
Make up: @julijordanmakeup
Styling: @cmorenas
Fashion film: @marianfilmmaker