Collection 05. Freedom

Photography: @cmorenas
Makeup: @olallahmuah
Model/Dancer: @Libertadpozo


I have been inspired by Ballet and contemporary dance in this collection, because when I was little I wanted to do ballet but due to things in life, I could only do a couple of years of Spanish dance. Now that I am older, while I was doing pilates, one of my teachers, Libertad Pozo, a nationally and internationally recognized dancer and choreographer, she was who reminded me of that passion for dance, seeing her make such light, elegant and fluid movements. Behind that delicacy of movement, muscles hard as stones and fibrous bodies are hidden from the strict exercise that these dancers have, the admiration could not be greater.

The garments that I have created for this collection are for you to dance with Libertad and once again become works of art within the art of dance.

I hope you like it and enjoy it as much as I do, making each garment one by one.

Cruces de las Morenas


In this collection, we have used 3D fabrics and neoprene for photography, which we kept in our attic. As one of our objectives is always to reuse fabrics before buying, we have used these fabrics that we had left over from another collection and fabrics that a designer friend had given us because she was not going to use them and we did use them.

For the rest of the garments that will be sold on request, they will be made with linen and natural fabrics.

Japanese patterns have been used again in some garments, they are loose garments, with rectangular shapes, round like the movements of a dancer.

Collaboration with Libertad Pozo

What excites us most is having done this collaboration with Libertad Pozo, because the garments came to life with her, they allowed her to dance, move, feel them.

That someone of your category wants to support us, cannot make us bigger.

Thanks Libertad, this Collection is for you.

Thanks also to our photographer and makeup artist:

Photography and video: @mariasanduran
Makeup: @olallahmuah
Model/Dancer: @Libertadpozo

These garments will be made to order.

More information at or at our Espacio Atella Showroom in Psj. Pradillo, 22, 28002 Madrid. Spain