International women’s day in Cruca

For Cruca I like to be inspired by women, because I believe that women are powerful, we are creative and very great. I do not understand how there are still men and also women, who have not realized this or yes and are stupid. On a day like today, I look back on the years that I have been working, which are not few and among them, I have found a lot of unequal pay and opportunities because my boss was a man and only valued men. I have found this in Spain and in the world of consulting, but thinking of women who are dedicated to the textile sector in countries like Bangladesh or India, their salary that does not allow them a decent life, makes me angry. So we have to support each other and continue protesting until we have no inequality and machismo ends.

In these weeks I will be talking about the inspirations of each collection, be attentive.

Thanks to oncediez for the design of this beautiful poster that they have made for Cruca.

Cruces de las Morenas

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