Hopper’s women in Cruca

Today I want to tell you about the Capsule Collection 2.5 “Hopper” . In this collection I was inspired by those women who painted so well Edward Hopper that play of light and shadow . The reflection of the American society of the Great Depression so well captured. Those empty trains, those lonely women reading, those women who got into those books to forget and to live another life that was not theirs.

For this collection we made a coat and a hat, made with ecological and waxed cotton fabrics, so that you can wear them when it rains, because the wax helps us to run off the water. I imagined those women in those paintings, wearing these two garments, as in the painting “Compartment C, car 293”. The coat adapts to your body and you make your wrinkles, the wrinkles of your movements, you make it yours every day. You make the garment something sentimental, do not forget it.

Crosses of the Morenas

Photo: @mariasanduran
Model: @beatriz___bravo
Make-up / hairdresser: @tuli_muah
Styling Assistant: @ cris.ti_more
Earrings: @vilanoestudio

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