American Abstract movement painters

Here I tell you about the Abstract movement that inspired me in Collection 1.5:

What was the American Abstract movement?

The New York School or Abstract Expressionism was a pictorial movement that emerged in the 1940s after World War II.

A current of art history to which many women who identified with their characteristics belonged, managed to belong to the group of great artists of the AbEx (Abstract Expressionism).

His paintings, with violent strokes of color in large formats, presented the distinctive features of anguish and conflict, a reflection of the society of the time.

Geometry and primary colors.

The pictures with geometry and the use of primary colors such as magenta, yellow and cyan were its main characteristics. Black and white were the hallmarks of expressionist painters who began to anticipate minimal art.

The fabrics used in our Capsule Collection 1.5 , we were inspired by the paintings of painters such as Elaine de Kooning, Perle Finec, Michael West, Joan Mitchell, Mary Abbott, Jay Defeo, Lee Krasner, Nancy Hillis, Helen Frankenthaler, etc.

Forgotten fabrics.

The fabrics we used were from a Spanish designer who no longer served them, because they were 10, 5 or 2 meters long, and this is a fast fashion designer, he doesn’t use them, but we do and that’s why we made the Cápsula Abstrato collection . Unique garments that our clients and followers fell in love with. Nothing is thrown away here. You have to use what you have before buying something new. This is my philosophy.

These beautiful photos were thanks to the team formed by:

@adrianamartiphoto, @noemy_makeup, @paulagarlina

Cruces de las Morenas

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