COLLECTION 01. Cowboys


Simply put, because I am unsettled by the engrained distinctions dividing men’s and women’s fashion. From blue for men and pink for women, to left hand buttons for men and right hand for women, My goal is to dismantle fashion’s systemic design differences and equalize its norms.

It is this energy that has fueled to me, new designs for men using fabrics from my previous women’s collections, Cowgirls and The Silence.

To kick off my men’s line, I present the Irregular Shirt and the Cowboy Pants (names also used in my women’s collections).

Cruces de las Morenas


The Irregular shirt is inspired by our Collection 01 “The elegance of Irregularity”, in architecture, interior design, geometric lines and asymmetry, in general in its beauty.

The Cowboy pants are inspired by our Collection 04 “Cowgirls”, in their local fabric, so special that we use for women / men.

The shirt is made with organic cotton with GOTS certificate, you will notice how these fabrics take care of you and help your body breathe.

The pants are made with an eco-recycled fabric called Infinit Denim, produced in Catalonia and made from recycled jeans and a part of organic cotton.

Ecological materials with a low environmental impact.
GOTS certified organic cotton.

Pattern and tailoring assistants: @ Moniquilla97 and @ Angela.pousa

Photography: @ claudiatamara.1

Model: @Santimr_19

Espadrilles: @Teresaentretejidos