Photo: @adrianamartiphoto


Behind the CRUCA team is Cruces de las Morenas. The designer started the brand as a hobby while dedicating herself to what was her profession for more than 15 years, the international trade. Trained in fashion design and accessories, Cruces continued with the family legacy, since her grandmothers were dressmakers.

After observing and reflecting on the impact of fast fashion in the world of fashion, the designer decided to dedicate herself exclusively to creating and consolidating CRUCA as a sustainable fashion brand. A firm that aims to confront Fast Fashion as the second most polluting industry on the planet, helping those who were directly affected and returning the value that design always had. For her it is very important the exclusivity in her clothes and that they are clothes that make you feel special, that are not thrown a month after buying them.

Also as a mother, she thinks about a better future for her daughter. She says: “As the current way of consuming is not changed, new generations will see a destroyed planet”.