Entrepreneurship Award

On November 25, 2017, I received the Entrepreneurship Award from the Biosphere Angels Network, within the AEDA business awards ceremony in Daimiel. In Daimiel is where the clothing for CRUCA is made. When the Biosphere Angels Network found out about this project, they wanted to be interested in everything that was behind the brand and presented it as a prize.

You already know that CRUCA has sustainability as one of its values and seeks to recover the textile industry in Daimiel, that industry that has been lost in recent years due to Fast Fashion. I remember when I was little that I went with my neighbor Rosamari to see her aunt’s (Tita) factory and there were rows of clothes, which were made for Spanish brands. Now these brands are producing in countries with very cheap labor, without caring if they do it children or if these people earn a decent salary. They forgot about the number of jobs they gave in Daimiel, so I want this industry to recover little by little.

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