Collection Capsule 2.5 “Hopper”

In this Capsule Collection we have been inspired by women again, in this case those painted by Edward Hopper. The reflection of the American society of the Great Depression so well embodied. Those empty trains, those lonely women that play of light and shadow, those women reading. There have been so many things that have inspired us that here you have our representation of these paintings.

It is made in Madrid, with organic and waxed cotton, which allows us to walk in the rain without getting wet and in a sustainable way without using plastic.


American painter Edward Hopper (1882-1967) was one of the main representatives of realism of the twentieth century. His perfect capture of loneliness is what attracted me most to these paintings.

Lonely women appear in much of his paintings. Many of them look out the window from a room, probably contemplating the outside. Surely, trying to understand your inner world. Others, are reading, that reading that evades them from their daily life, in the armchair of a theater, in a hotel room or at a restaurant table.

We have used fabrics with GOTS certificate, which ensures the organic condition of the fabric, since obtaining the raw material, through responsible production with the environment and the social environment.

Photography: @Mariasanduran

Model: @beatriz_bravo

Makeup: @tuli_muah

Styling assistant: @ cris.ti_more